Simon Combes

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Simon Combes -Simon Combes
Simon Combes

The world of Wildlife art has lost a great talent. Internationally known artist, Simon Combes passed away on Sunday, December 12, 2004 near his home in Nakuru, Kenya in Africa.

Simon Combes was born in Shaftesbury, England, in 1940 and, at the age of six, moved with his family to an 800-acre farm in Kenya`s Great Rift Valley. At the age of 18, he took a job in western Kenya, managing a 2,000-acre farm with about 150 employees. The following year he was drafted, serving in the Kenya regiment.

He then applied for and received a commission in the King`s African Rifles. Combes` subsequent adventures included fighting in a guerrilla war with Somalia, leading Kenya`s new airborne unit (requiring a visit to Parachute School in England) and promotion to major at the tender age of 24. Of greater significance, perhaps, was the start of a new hobby.

During moments of inactivity in the northern desert, Simon began to draw, and eventually paint, the local nomadic people and the landscape in which they lived.

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